Since the establishment, we have been in search for the best...

We always work to do the better at every step we take with the values we have cherished since the very first day. We believe that we grow further with every project we carry out handling the each of the design, production and logistics steps with the same attention.

With every thread, we weave our creativity, and our passion for innovation, together with the values we have cherished since the foundation of Selga. We see every piece we produce as a painter's canvas, and as Selga, we blend all the colors we have with the colors of the world.

We are not afraid to try new colors and work to produce excellence with our solutionoriented approach. We know that we reach more people with the different colors we have and different touches we add.


We know that manufacturing for the leading underwear brands will only be possible with a perfect organization scheme. We combine our creative ideas with experience and technology at every stage. We follow the renewed trends and offer solutions for changing demands. We always take innovative steps and shape our production and marketing strategies with this innovative attitude.


As Selga, we work for a sustainable world with each thread we weave. Paying regard both to the environment and to people at every stage from design to delivery, we accept a careful and attentive approach as our basic working principle. We do not position the concept of "sustainability" as a trend but literally work for continuity.

Using organic cotton through our production process, we support the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

Environmental sustainability: We always weave a sustainable world with our production processes and products with an attitude caring about nature. Social sustainability: We weave every stitch with the people we work with. We work with a human-oriented approach, and we become a part of more people's lives with the values we believe in. While creating employment opportunities for different working areas in underwear and sportswear production, we want to provide maximum benefit to the people we work with. We are getting stronger together with all our male and female employees.


We have the passion to go beyond the limits. Accordingly, R&D is among our priorities as a company looking for innovation. We are working to raise internationally accepted standards. Participating in exhibitions, following the new technologies and trends, Selga always keeps its strategies up-to-date.

In order to keep our manufacturing line working, we always invest in new software, new technologies, and work together with our employees. With a creative and innovative approach, we provide customers with products not onlyanswering their demands but also going beyond meeting the standards. We determine the demands, handle them from different perspectives, create strategies, design, produce and finally deliver the perfection.


We believe that a company can go further as long as it keeps its focus stable to improve at every chance. In parallel with this belief, we organize training sessions for several topics, suchas orientations, job safety, first-aid and many more…

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